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Game Drives

Morning Game Drives

Wake to early birdsong as the sun peeks over the horizon to signal the start of another day
on safari in South Africa. After morning coffees, you’ll head out in one of our open-air safari vehicles to discover what’s happened in the bush overnight.

This is the best time of the day for game viewing as the land is cool and just as some animals start to move around, you’ll see others returning to their dens or resting in the shade after a night on the hunt.

With our guide-and-tracker teams’ expert bush knowledge, you’ll encounter Big Five animals and incredible sightings of general game.

Our guides are also more than happy to stop and look at trees, birds and other smaller creatures too. Then it’s a coffee stop to stretch the legs and chat about the morning’s sightings before heading back to your safari lodge for breakfast.

Afternoon Game Drives

After you’ve spent the day lazing by the pool, caught up on some sleep and had an alfresco lunch, we’ll meet for tea and set out on an afternoon game drive through the Greater Kruger Park.

As the light starts to soften, game viewing becomes a photographer’s delight. Will it be a pride of lions sleeping in the shade, wild dogs on a hunt, a dazzle of zebra in the dust or a majestic bird of prey circling above?

After drinks and watching the sunset at one of our breathtaking viewpoints, nocturnal wildlife takes its cue for action. Our guides will now focus on the thrill of seeing an elusive leopard walk silently through a moonlit riverbed or lions start to move in the darkness as hyenas cackle in the distance.

You may also catch glimpses of bushbabies swinging in the branches, civets, genets, the white-tailed mongoose or a prickle of porcupines.

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