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Hananani Primary School



In 2014, Thornybush Community gifted a vegetable garden to Hananani Primary School in Dixie, the closest village to the Sabi Sand Game Reserve’s Northern Gate. The garden supplies vegetables for the school’s kitchen so that each of the 250+ pupils eat a balanced, nutritious meal every day at school.

Hananani Primary is a public school with 250+ learners between the ages of five and 13. The school was founded in 1983 after it was voluntarily built by Mr Mdluli Petrus, a businessman from a neighbouring community.

Its name Hananani means “giving”.The school offers a variety of subjects such as English, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Technology, Natural/Social/Economic Sciences, Creative Arts and Home Language (Tsonga).

Thornybush Community set up the vegetable garden for Hananani Primary so that the school’s kitchen has enough fresh produce (peppers, tomatoes carrots, onions, spinach, and beetroot) to feed all learners a solid meal every day. As many pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds, the garden is a lifeline for many of them.


The garden

The garden produces peppers, carrots, onions, spinach and beetroot for the meals. Since this produce is grown right on the property, and often harvested on the day that they are needed, it ensures each meal is packed with fresh, nutrient dense properties.

The garden is kept under the watchful eye of one of our passionate entrepreneurs, Keysman Nkuna. With his green fingers and keen participation from young enthusiasts, production is increasing to 10 – 15kg per week!

In 2019, Thornybush Community and the Andersen Construction foundation partnered on a mammoth infrastructure upgrade. The school received a much-needed facelift to all its existing buildings and two innovative new classrooms. This alleviated the space pressures the school was battling with and mitigated health and safety risks to the learners and teachers.

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